NEW 2020!


NEW 2020!

The new S range arrives, with 2 seat models, the S5 and the S7 that replace the previous PRO range. A third model, the S3, will be available shortly.

For the construction of the seats of the S range, new materials and manufacturing systems have been used to reduce the weight by 15% compared to the previous range, with a more modern and striking design and new fabrics that provide more comfort and variety to the range

All models will be available in 4 different types of finishes:

- Alcantara microfiber fabric in black color.

- Breathable 3D fabric with 3 standard color finishes, black, blue and red. For other colors, consult.

- Washable black ski fabric.

- Water resistant neoprene type fabric.

They have reinforcements in the areas of greatest contact between driver and seat when getting in and out of the car.

In addition, the models of the S range are offered with the housing color in black, white and red as standard options at no additional cost.

All seats in the S range are equipped with 25 kg / m3 foam on the sides, and 30 kg / m3 in the pilot contact area, to offer excellent comfort even in endurance tests and raids. Thanks to the density of the foam in 30kg / m3 a greater feeling is achieved when driving, transmitting more accurately the frequency of vibrations between the vehicle and the ground.

The harness steps are larger, imported from the R range, which offer better comfort when using the Hans system and are better suited to all riders.

All models are delivered with 4 Allen fixing screws of hardness 8.8, 25 mm long and 8 mm metric thread, with their corresponding large diameter washers.