GP-RACE was started in 2006 by Marc Labarta (Head of GT2i at the time) in association with Gabriel Pozo, World Rally car champion 2001.
   Thanks to Gabriel’s experience the first GP-Race car seat was developed and ranked with the highest marks in the F.I.A test. Because of its success, GP-Race Company started growing and today is proud to offer 5 different models of car seats, approved by the F.I.A. as well as selling multiple car interior components.
   In order to offer top quality-service to all clients, GP-Race supplies all equipment from two different distribution locations: Argentina and Spain.

   In 2012, thanks to long experience in competition, the office seats were launched, designed to offer maximum comfort for long working hours at the workplace.
   In 2013, due to Marc’s first child, we launched the GP-Race Baby line of infant car seats. To date, the company supplies 3 baby car seat designs offering top safety and high comfort for the child.
   The GP-Race brand can count on a professional and well-prepared workforce, aiming to be at the forefront of this sector of the car market. In 2014 the company will expand its market internationally and will look for worldwide distributors.

   GP-Race facilities are based at Campllong/Girona (Spain) and holds sufficient stock of all our lines to satisfy the client’s needs.
   Thanks to the new management order application, GP-Race offers all clients the possibility to be in contact with the company at all times via our on-line service. Being able to check stock, order confirmation, follow-up work, tracking deliveries and everything else clients might need.
   We hope that through this new on-line service clients will apply and manage their orders themselves, saving money on not using long-distance phone calls.
   GP-Race welcomes you all to this new stage that starts today!
   Yours sincerely,

   Marc Labarta